Go Fly A Kite: Saturdays With Tyrus Wong

For some years, I have had the great privilege of knowing the wonderful artist and master kite-maker, Tyrus Wong, who even today at 105+ years of age, brings his kites out to fly at Santa Monica Beach, a 40+ year tradition.

I have fallen in love not only with the kites but with Tyrus himself and his many accomplishments that include his paintings that were the inspiration for the new animation when they were incorporated into Disney's ground-breaking BAMBI; his relentless need to turn everything he touches into a piece of art; and his way of drawing others into his always widening community.

Much of the work here has been exhibited at two major exhibitions featuring Tyrus; the first, a Getty PST exhibition and the latter, a traveling retrospective and publication of both his commercial and fine art work, held at the Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco and in 2015 at the Museum of Chinese in America, New York (MOCA/NYC).  My kite photographs are included in the important end titles of Pamela Tom's new celebrated documentary, TYRUS, presently winning awards in festival rounds.

RIP Tyrus 30 December 2016
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