A photographic study of the city of my birth, Detroit, Michigan.  This, a planned multi-year project, is presently being journaled at www.detroitdefinition.blogspot.com.  With 17 visits since 2011, I have learned so much.

Pinehurst Home, Visit1 January2011Pinehurst Home_Each Visit through 201911From East Riverfront2011St. Josephs Across GratiotSt Joseph and Lafayette Towers VueRepurposing at Architectural Salvage Warehouse of DetroitEastside WindowSecret GardenCorktown ViewHallway, Park Avenue HousePenobscot RevolvingView From Annis FursGold Cash Gold, Corktown_RepurposingChristo ReyCapital Park Restoration1Architectural Warehouse Salvage of DetroitView from 1300 Lafayette/VeniceBiennale-Architecture2016Trinosophes On GratiotDetroit Library, Music RoomLate at NightLater at NightIn a Mies_Lafayette Park1956Young, Well & Expecting in the NWArticulate & Elegant in BostonEdisonWoodbridgeView Across FerryFord Building SafeBakers Keyboard LoungeAssemble Sound CorktownMetro Detroit Barber College/Albert KahnMichiganCentral2017MichiganCentral2017InConstructionWayneStateBio-MedFisher Building Reflection from Wayne State Bio-MedDequindreCutFord Highland ParkIndustrial Del ReyWayne State Bio-Medical Engineering November2014_CadillacRepurposedShinola: Watchband Assembly  RoomIdeal Group1, MexicantownDHAMDetroit BikesJohn K King Rare BooksRon Saunders, Visiting Resident at PoppsPacking, HamtramckAstro Coffee CorktownJonathan at Penrose Art/GardenVictors Red Hots, Highland ParkMillikenStateParkBrush Park Community GardenCo-Exist HamtramckLabor Day/2011Belle Isle FourthAt the Jazz FestivalShoppers on Eastern Market SaturdaysView to Canada from the RiverfrontAfterSlowRoll@MichiganCentral2nd BaptistArt on the Avenue of Fashion/LivernoisAlong 7 MileDelRey HousesPost HeidelbergEarly Am View from the PastFeeling At HomeChildhood ViewAcross Detroit River to Windsor, CanadaMouth of the RougeBetween the Two