View Across Ferry

Trinosophes On Gratiot
Detroit Library, Music Room
Late at Night
Later at Night
In a Mies_Lafayette Park1956
Young, Well & Expecting in the NW
Articulate & Elegant in BostonEdison
View Across Ferry

, Pinehurst Home 2011-2019, From East Riverfront2011, St. Josephs Across Gratiot, St Joseph and Lafayette Towers Vue, Repurposing at Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit, Eastside Window, Secret Garden, Corktown View, Hallway, Park Avenue House, Penobscot Revolving, View From Annis Furs, , Gold Cash Gold, Corktown_Repurposing, Christo Rey, Capital Park Restoration1, Architectural Warehouse Salvage of Detroit, View from 1300 Lafayette/VeniceBiennale-Architecture2016, Trinosophes On Gratiot, Detroit Library, Music Room, Late at Night, Later at Night, In a Mies_Lafayette Park1956, Young, Well & Expecting in the NW, Articulate & Elegant in BostonEdison, Woodbridge, View Across Ferry, Ford Building Safe, Bakers Keyboard Lounge, Assemble Sound Corktown, Metro Detroit Barber College/Albert Kahn, MichiganCentral2017, MichiganCentral2017, InConstructionWayneStateBio-Med, Fisher Building Reflection from Wayne State Bio-Med, DequindreCut, Ford Highland Park, Industrial Del Rey, Wayne State Bio-Medical Engineering November2014_CadillacRepurposed, Shinola: Watchband Assembly Room, Ideal Group1, Mexicantown, DHAM, Detroit Bikes, John K King Rare Books, Ron Saunders, Visiting Resident at PoppsPacking, Hamtramck, Astro Coffee Corktown, Jonathan at Penrose Art/Garden, Victors Red Hots, Highland Park, MillikenStatePark, Brush Park Community Garden, Co-Exist Hamtramck, Labor Day/2011, Belle Isle Fourth, At the Jazz Festival, Shoppers on Eastern Market Saturdays, View to Canada from the Riverfront, AfterSlowRoll@MichiganCentral, 2nd Baptist, Art on the Avenue of Fashion/Livernois, Along 7 Mile, DelRey Houses, Post Heidelberg, Early Am View from the Past, Feeling At Home, Childhood View, Across Detroit River to Windsor, Canada, Mouth of the Rouge, Between the Two,